Tax advice

The tax advisory team at AUDILEX has more than 20 years’ experience and offers tax advisory and management services to domestic and international companies within the framework of compliance with current Spanish tax legislation.

Accounting advice

A specific accounting plan is designed for each client based on their business, automating documentary support at the time of receipt so that clients can be provided with up-to-date periodic reports.

Employment advice

Analysis of relationships for each client to determine the type of applicable employment contract, together with the resulting social and tax obligations.


  • Audit of annual accounts

  • Audit of financial statements

  • Limited reviews

  • Special Audit reports

  • Due Diligence Audit

AUDILEX is a multidisciplinary firm that brings together audit, accounting, employment and tax professionals with experience at leading multinational firms in the sector in order to contribute to excellent company management.

Our most important asset is the AUDILEX team, consisting of more than 16 professionals with broad experience and preparation, and undergoing continuous training, who maintain a close and on-going relationship with customers under the following action criteria:

  • Personalised service.

  • Qualified professional services in accordance with the client’s needs.

  • Immediate attention to comply with legal requirements.

  • Reasonable and competitive prices.

AUDILEX makes the following Departments available to you: Audit, Accounting Advice and Management, Tax advice and Management and Employment Advice and Management to render services to public and private companies in various domestic and international sectors.

Our customers are located in Spain, the Eurozone, United States and Latin America. AUDILEX habitually works with multinational companies, providing English-language support to parent companies over the telephone and by sending monthly financial reports as required.