Accounting advice

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The accounting advisory team at AUDILEX has more than 20 years’ experience and offers accounting advisory and management services to domestic and international companies within the framework of complying with current Spanish legislation.

Personalised attention, highly qualified professionals and knowledge of client needs have allowed a high level of client loyalty resulting from the design of customised integral accounting advisory and/or management solutions.

A specific accounting plan is designed for each client based on their business, automating documentary support at the time of receipt so that clients can be provided with up-to-date periodic reports.

Accounting advisory and/or management services for companies that we provide are as follows:

  • Integral accounting advisory and management services.

  • Company accounting adapted to the General Accounting Plan.

  • Accounting for multinationals adapted to parent company policies:

    • In Spanish or English.

    • Monthly reports.

    • Analytic or budgetary.

  • Preparation and presentation of annual accounts and official records.

  • Supervision and analysis of the financial statements.

  • Accounting management of ETVEs.

  • Preparation of minutes records for governing bodies.

Our accounting outsourcing services:

  • Integral accounting management using client means and facilities.

  • Client administration management, such as invoicing and collection management processes, etc.