Employee time sheet and salary binder
The employment advisory team at AUDILEX has more than 20 years’ experience and offers employment advisory and management services to domestic and international companies within the framework of compliance with current Spanish employment legislation.

All company employment relationships are analysed for each client (employees, executives, directors, etc.) to determine how they fall within current employment legislation and to define the type of applicable employment contract, together with the resulting social and tax obligations.

Among others, the employment advisory and management services we offer are as follows:

  • Legislative novelties.

  • Application of collective wage agreements.

  • Social Security Benefits (INSS), Social Security General Treasury (TGSS) and the Public State Employment Service (SPEE).

  • Advisory services in the event of an employment inspection.

  • Disciplinary system (penalties).

  • Preparation of payroll receipts in any of the following formats: with copies, confidential, e-mail.

  • Preparation of contribution documentation.

  • Electronic filing of hiring, dismissals and changes in information with the TGSS.

  • Electronic filing of illness reports with the INSS.

  • Electronic filing of accident reports with Mutual companies or the INSS.

  • Monthly or accumulated cost reports.

  • Generation of payroll transfer files in ISO 20022 XML format.

  • Technical advisory services regarding contract types.

  • Technical advisory services regarding credits.

  • Preparation of employment contracts.

  • Electronic filing of contracts with the Public Employment Service.

  • Periodic with holding returns.

  • Annual with holding summary.

  • Electronic filing with the tax authorities.

  • Electronic filing with regional tax authorities.

  • Issue of annual with holding certificates.

  • Verification and calculation of the personal income tax rates to be applied to the payroll.