Audit of annual accounts

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Audits of annual accounts arise from the need for companies to obtain independent validation of their financial information from qualified professionals in order to provide higher levels of reliability and transparency.

AUDILEX AUDITORES, S.L. is an audit firm holding number S0899 from the Official Registry of Auditors (ROAC) at the Accounting and Audit Institute (ICAC), which is an autonomous agency pertaining to the Ministry of Finance, and it is a member of REA – REGA.

The audit team at AUDILEX comes from multinational audit firms and has more than twenty five years’ experience in the sector, which allows us to render audit services quickly and efficiently.

The audit services we provide are as follows:

  • Mandatory audit of annual accounts.

  • Mandatory audit of consolidated annual accounts.

  • Voluntary audit of annual accounts.

  • Mandatory audit of financial statements (interim, final, capital increases, etc.).

  • Voluntary audit of financial statements.

  • Financial statements.

  • Accounts supporting subsidies.

  • Expert reports

  • Mandatory reports stipulated by commercial legislation: capital reductions, capital increases, suppression of preferential share subscription rights, etc.

  • Purchase audit and Due Diligence.

  • Audit of subsidies.

  • Ecoembes audits.

  • Expert financial, accounting and economic reports for companies and individuals.

    • Expert reports calculating business loss.

    • Independent expert financial reports supporting dismissals.

    • Expert reports to calculate indemnities.

  • Reports to justify dismissals due to objective, financial and/or production reasons.